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Core classes will be held during week day evenings

The programme is aimed at:

  1. Mid- or early-career professionals from across fields and domains with an interest in advancing their Design Innovation skills and mindsets. Background in design and engineering is applicable but not required, and
  2. Recent graduates across fields and domains, with an interest in Design Innovation.

Graduates will be able to enter the local and international job market in enterprises dealing with

  1. Technological products and services
  2. Consultants doing technology and business assessment, innovation and change management
  3. Government institutes dealing with innovation, policy strategy and research

These areas line up with Singapore’s long term vision of becoming a design and innovation hub for the APAC region.


The Master of Innovation by Design programme presents an opportunity for me to deepen my expertise in design thinking, to develop innovative capabilities so as to meet the defence and national security needs of Singapore.

Goh Jun Rui, Senior Engineer (Building and Infrastructure) | Defence Science and Technology Agency

I believe that the SUTD MIbD programme will provide me with the learning experience to qualitatively and empirically produce excellent designs by research-driven design methodology. I look forward to becoming not just a better designer, but a better humanist and technologist; in turn, allowing me to design a better world truly.

Tan Wei Hua, SUTD Alumni and Design Engineer | SUTD

I would like to take the opportunity of MIbD to create a lighter-than-air UAV platform and eventually, a business that provides value and services in an area with untapped potential.

Pheh Ying Hong, SUTD Alumni and Research Officer | SUTD

Innovation is never easy, but it is the passport to the future. I believe that the Master of Innovation by Design is what is necessary for an ecosystem of innovation and it would be a fruitful experience being a part of it.

Tan Jun Wei, Brandon, SUTD Undergraduate

The strong urge to delve deeper into the realm of human machine interaction has motivated me to take up Master of Innovation by Design with SUTD.

Narendernath Baskar, Director | Trade Surveillance – Data Quality and Projects | Standard Charted Bank

Innovation is key in this exciting future of robotics, augmented realities and block-chain transactions, and I believe this Master of Innovation by Design will prepare me to manage future challenges presented in the fourth industrial revolution.

Amalina Zafirah Binte Hashim, Product Manager | Eunoia Pte Ltd

Innovation by Design and Design Science would sharpen my design thinking capabilities. My work encompasses both R&D as well as manufacturing, where designs go through quick iterations and improvements on a daily basis. Design thinking would be a powerful framework to tackling daunting, cross-disciplinary challenges we face in various stages of the product development lifecycle.

Chong Yong Qi, Product Designer and Development | Product Engineer

MIbD places emphasis on hand-on experience instead of simply discussing big concepts and theories. Through this programme, I would like to be at the frontier of a new economy and ablaze new paths in the technology and design sectors.

Zeng Xinyu, Freelance Designer and Artist

As a part-time student, MIbD has allowed me to acquire extensive knowledge, hands-on skills, network and confidence to directly apply my learnings to my work on Design Innovation @ Singapore*. With the programme focusing on practical understanding and advancing of design innovation, I see myself growing into a more confident professional, equipped with the necessary technical and leadership skills to be an advocate of design.

Ashreya M Venkatesh, Design Engineer | SUTD-MIT International Design Centre* | Part-Time Student

The Master of Engineering in Innovation by Design (MIbD) provided me the opportunity to learn more on design thinking and research. Prior to MIbD, I was looking for a part-time Masters course that allows me to gain further knowledge in User-Centric Research (More towards Human-Computer Interaction) and Design Thinking, hence when I came across the course last year, I didn’t think twice to apply for it. Even though it has just been a term so far, SUTD’s approach towards design thinking and hands-on for most projects has been great as I prefer a hands-on and practical approach rather than the traditional theory learning approach.

The best part is the school offered me a full time scholarship with monthly stipend, thus I decided to take a break from work and study full-time 😉

Ahmad Nurhadi, Full-Time Student | Former UI/UX Developer | Guavapass

After graduating from ASD as part of  SUTD’s UG programme, I was looking for opportunities to explore design beyond Architecture. I was interested in research and I took up MIbD as they offered a certain degree of flexibility, allowing me to observe problems from a wide variety of fields and apply a thorough process of design thinking to come up with a refreshing approach. As it feels a lot more unpredictable compared to UG life, I think it prepares me to be more versatile, independent and bold.

Ng Jian Yi Mervin, Full-Time Student | Former SUTD Undergraduate

An exciting part of the SUTD’s Master of Engineering (Research) in Innovation by Design is the China-Wuxi Experience Trip, which has broadened my learning through the invaluable 5-day workshop with the students from Jiangnan University. I have applied the design methods and tools that I have learnt from our core module Innovation by design from Term 1 to successfully ideate, design and prototype a multi-functional and economical Personal Mobility Device for young families in Lisbon (Portugal) as a team, despite our cultural differences and a slight language barrier. Up till now, I totally enjoy the programme because of its rigor and learning opportunities through the multi-disciplinary education, working with very experienced advisors and tackling real world problems. This is the very reason why I joined the programme in 2019, thankfully with the SUTD scholarship.

William Siew Jing Wen, Full-Time Student | Social Entrepreneur | Spark-a-life

The open-ended nature of this course fosters us to think from the primitive and design for the future. We get to design, learn and experience products and technologies through a process called design thinking. The amazing part of MIbD’s research is that it finds its application in multiple different industries and that’s what I feel it makes the program special and unique from others. The China experience particularly helped us collaborate with like-minded designers in a quest to solve present-day challenges through design & technology.

Basheer Ahmed Ahmed Meeran, Full-Time Student

The IbD course structure impressed me to quit my job and join SUTD to upgrade my career and to innovate for tomorrow’s world, where my innovative ideas are turning true. If the world is yours, then MIbD is the right choice to bring your innovative ideas for the future. SUTD is an opportunity with easily approachable faculty and fully equipped facility.

Abdul Gafoor Jubair Ahamed, Full-Time Student | Telecom Professional with >15 years experience

I believe MIbD is a unique and revolutionary programme in the design sector as it motivates students to step out of their comfort zone, think broader and wider – providing them with means to put their innovative ideas into actions using a creative and interactive processes and design tools.

Doreen Steven Mlote, Full-Time Student