Student Testimonials

You may read about testimonials from current students and alumnis to understand more about their thoughts on the MIbD programme:

As a part-time student, MIbD has allowed me to acquire extensive knowledge, hands-on skills, network and confidence to directly apply my learnings to my work on Design Innovation @ Singapore*. With the programme focusing on practical understanding and advancing of design innovation, I see myself growing into a more confident professional, equipped with the necessary technical and leadership skills to be an advocate of design.

Ashreya M Venkatesh , Part-Time Student | SUTD-MIT International Design Centre (IDC)*

The open-ended nature of this course fosters us to think from the primitive and design for the future. We get to design, learn and experience products and technologies through a process called design thinking. The amazing part of MIbD’s research is that it finds its application in multiple different industries and that’s what I feel it makes the program special and unique from others. The China experience particularly helped us collaborate with like-minded designers in a quest to solve present-day challenges through design & technology

Basheer Ahmed Ahmed Meeran , Full-Time Student

I believe MIbD is a unique and revolutionary programme in the design sector as it motivates students to step out of their comfort zone, think broader and wider – providing them with means to put their innovative ideas into actions using a creative and interactive processes and design tools

Doreen Steven Mlote , Alumni | SUTD PhD Programme

The Master of Engineering in Innovation by Design (MIbD) provided me the opportunity to learn more on design thinking and research. Prior to MIbD, I was looking for a part-time Masters course that allows me to gain further knowledge in User-Centric Research (More towards Human-Computer Interaction) and Design Thinking hence when I came across the course last year, I didn’t think twice to apply for it. SUTD’s approach towards design thinking and hands-on for most projects has been great as I prefer hands-on and practical approach rather than the traditional theory learning approach.

Ahmad Nurhadi , Full-Time Student | Former UI/UX Developer | Guavapass

As a student who did not come from direct design science/design education background, the multidisciplinary design education approach in MIbD program laid the foundation for me to grow as an innovative researcher and develop design thinking mindset. The structure of the degree program is well balanced and opened opportunities for many hands-on experiences both in class and off class with consistent active learning. The foundation provided by the MIbD program really helped me for my current position as a PhD student. The overseas experience on term 2 was one of the most memorable experiences I gained throughout. It helped me to understand how other countries look at innovative design, novel products and learn from their experience. Also, through MIbD I made lot of new friends from several different countries which allowed me to learn about their countries, and different cultures. I would like to express my sincere gratitude for SUTD, MIbD program, Prof. Arlindo de Silva, my supervisor Prof. Ping Wu and all other lecturers as well as other external and internal facilitators for, educating us on design innovation, design thinking, innovative research and incorporating design science into research with the aim of delivering an innovative product.

A.J.M Hasanthi , Alumni | SUTD PhD Programme

The thought process for joining MIbD has been fairly straightforward. A programme that emphasizes on innovation design yet still provides room for students to explore themselves. I joined MIbD to value-add myself in the design aspect. The lessons have been explorative and calls for enthusiasm. I enjoyed the blend of theoretical design methodology studies, in class discussion and hands-on work. Under the guidance of enthusiastic and knowledgeable faculty member acting as advisor, it promises the journey to be a meaningful one.

Nasiruddin Bin Abdul Nasir , Full-Time Student

The Master of Innovation by Design prepares students to achieve mastery in design thinking and innovation by pushing us to find and solve a real-world problem with technology as an enabler. I have designed a mobile solution that can deliver targeted information and support services for caregivers during my one-year full-time graduate programme, using the Ideate-Prototype-Realise framework taught in SUTD. I benefited from the curriculum through a rigorous and structured learning pathway, which included a 5-day overseas design workshop that has exposed me to work with students from Jiangnan University in Wuxi. Throughout the programme, I enjoyed my time because of the excellent support from experienced advisors. They have even encouraged me to continue study in the research field I am in and pursue my PhD given the President’s Graduate Fellowship after graduation. The greatest takeaway from the programme is that I learned to problem-solve through a multidisciplinary lens and expanded my worldview in social innovation by design through the relevant coursework that I have attended. I will strongly recommend working adults in their mid-career to join the programme and upskill in the current world of uncertainty.

William Siew , Alumni | SUTD PhD Programme

Applicant’s Testimonials

The Master of Innovation by Design programme presents an opportunity for me to deepen my expertise in design thinking, to develop innovative capabilities so as to meet the defence and national security needs of Singapore.

The Master of Innovation by Design programme presents an opportunity for me to deepen my expertise in design thinking, to develop innovative capabilities so as to meet the defence and national security needs of Singapore.

Goh Jun Rui, Senior Engineer (Building and Infrastructure) | Defence Science and Technology Agency

I believe that the SUTD MIbD programme will provide me with the learning experience to qualitatively and empirically produce excellent designs by research-driven design methodology. I look forward to becoming not just a better designer, but a better humanist and technologist; in turn, allowing me to design a better world truly.

Tan Wei Hua, SUTD Alumni and Design Engineer | SUTD

I would like to take the opportunity of MIbD to create a lighter-than-air UAV platform and eventually, a business that provides value and services in an area with untapped potential.

Pheh Ying Hong, SUTD Alumni and Research Officer | SUTD

Innovation is never easy, but it is the passport to the future. I believe that the Master of Innovation by Design is what is necessary for an ecosystem of innovation and it would be a fruitful experience being a part of it.

Tan Jun Wei, Brandon, SUTD Undergraduate

The strong urge to delve deeper into the realm of human machine interaction has motivated me to take up Master of Innovation by Design with SUTD.

Narendernath Baskar, Director | Trade Surveillance – Data Quality and Projects | Standard Charted Bank

Innovation is key in this exciting future of robotics, augmented realities and block-chain transactions, and I believe this Master of Innovation by Design will prepare me to manage future challenges presented in the fourth industrial revolution.

Amalina Zafirah Binte Hashim, Product Manager | Eunoia Pte Ltd

Innovation by Design and Design Science would sharpen my design thinking capabilities. My work encompasses both R&D as well as manufacturing, where designs go through quick iterations and improvements on a daily basis. Design thinking would be a powerful framework to tackling daunting, cross-disciplinary challenges we face in various stages of the product development lifecycle.

Chong Yong Qi, Product Designer and Development | Product Engineer

MIbD places emphasis on hand-on experience instead of simply discussing big concepts and theories. Through this programme, I would like to be at the frontier of a new economy and ablaze new paths in the technology and design sectors.

Zeng Xinyu, Freelance Designer and Artist