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Core classes will be held during weekday evenings

Innovation by Design (IbD) Unique Experience

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Students will begin the IbD programme at SUTD in September every year. Students who elect to join the full time MEng programme will complete two to three terms of coursework followed by an additional two terms of thesis. Students will be required to take two core courses (Innovation by Design and Design Science), along with a series of optional electives. The heart of the programme lies in the hands-on, experiential learning that students will be exposed to in IDEATE PROTOTYPE REALIZE, where students will have hands-on, meaningful exposure to the design process through a series of workshops, designettes and a mentored pathway to product and project design in an IbD studio space. In addition, students will receive further hands-on training by embedding in the various centers in SUTD (International Design Centre, DmanD, NAMIC, etc.) for projects, mentoring and research. In addition, depending on the pathway taken by a student, up to 3 out-of-class experiences are required to complete the programme. The programme framework, with the initial offering of optional electives, is shown the following figure.

There will be a variety of pathways for students to choose to complete the programme:

  • Full time accelerated MEng for SUTD students
  • Full time accelerated MEng for industry professionals
  • Full time MEng for non-SUTD students
  • Part-time MEng for working professionals

Accelerated full time MEng programme for SUTD students only

An accelerated version (at least 1 year) of the MEng in IbD will be offered to students who graduated from SUTD.

Students will not be required to take the Design Accelerator prior to the start of the programme; and may start with their MEng thesis research in term 1, and defend their thesis by the end of term 3. Students are also required to complete 2 professional electives in terms 1 and 2 to meet the other requirement of MEng (by Research in SUTD). Note this accelerated MEng Programme meets the minimal candidacy of 1 year of MEng by research in SUTD.

Full time MEng programme for industry professionals

An accelerated 15 month version of the programme will be offered to industry professionals. For these students, a bridging session will be conducted 3 months in advance of their matriculation date in order to scope and initiate company specific, in-house projects.

Full time MEng programme for non-SUTD students

Non-SUTD students who wish to receive a MEng degree in Innovation by Design are required to complete (during term 1, 2 and 3) the core courses, out-of-class experiences, as well as the ideate-prototype-realize project sequence. They will furthermore need to complete a MEng thesis, as well as two professional electives in terms 4 and 5. In total, it is a 20 months (5 terms) full time programme for the MEng degree.

Part-time MEng programme

A part-time version (32 months) of the MEng programme will also be offered to working professionals, who will take 50% of the load (24 credits per term) on their first two years, and three additional terms to complete their MEng thesis research (capped at 3 years).