Message from Programme Director

It is with great honour that I address you. I am the director of a graduate programme at SUTD that would be unthinkable a few years ago. It is unique in several respects, and I will explain why in the next paragraphs.

We live in uncertain times. What we studied just last year may become obsolete soon, and any traditional education we got previously, although important, may become insufficient or incomplete in the near future. Nevertheless, learning is fundamental to strive in a world where the jobs of tomorrow may not exist today. We must learn to adapt and learn to learn.

The Master of Engineering by Research in Innovation by Design is a new programme that takes the experience and expertise of our Design faculty and provides the necessary flexibility for you to pursue your own interests in education, research and/or entrepreneurship. In this program you will be equipped with tools and methods that enable you to adapt to uncertainty and new design challenges in the future. We will match your interests with those of our faculty conducting research in the various research centres at SUTD, where you will find a friendly environment in which your ideas can blossom.

We strive to breed diversity into our annual student intake, fostering creativity with cross-links across fields of expertise. We also recognize that each person is an individual and take that as an advantage to innovate within our multidisciplinary environment.

We know that graduate studies can start right after graduating with a Bachelor degree, but we also welcome students from other paths of life, with experience in different fields.

Exciting times await you, and I am thrilled that we at SUTD can help you fulfil your dreams! We welcome your application, feel free to get in touch through our contact at the bottom of this page.

I hope to see you soon at SUTD!

With my very best regards

Arlindo Silva

Arlindo Silva

Associate Professor, Engineering Product Development Pillar

Program Director of the MEng in Innovation by Design Programme

Hub Director @ SUTD of the National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Cluster (NAMIC)

Director of DEEP Lab (Design of Enhanced Engineering Products)

Ex-Co member of the Design Business Chamber Singapore

Member of the Manufacturing Standards Committee, Enterprise Singapore (ESG) Standards Division

Message from Programme Co-Director

My name is Robert E Simpson and in June 2021 I was appointed co-director for this Masters in Innovation by Design (MIbD) program. The most challenging problems facing society (E.g. inexpensive healthcare, energy, and pandemics) require cross-disciplinary solutions. Creating truly novel solutions to complex and multi-faceted problems cannot be automated efficiently. Therefore, I believe the best way we can equip today’s students for tomorrow’s problems is to hone their creative skills and give them techniques to design and prototype without barriers.  I strongly believe that the most impactful engineers and designers are those that in addition to having the fundamental theory, also have the courage and skills to try their ideas. This removes the barriers from creativity and enables one’s designs to be tested quickly and rapid prototypes to be developed efficiently.

The MIbD program exists to help students hone their creativity and to enable them to think like a designer. Indeed, from the very first week of the course, the students are exposed to design thinking concepts, creativity techniques, and opportunities to prototype. To create a solution to a problem, one draws inspiration from one’s knowledge and experiences, therefore the MIbD students are exposed to the world’s experts in design, creativity, and prototyping through weekly seminars. By combining the knowledge gained from the MIbD courses, the seminar series, and the technical skills gained by “doing”, today we are creating the leaders in design who will be instrumental in solving tomorrow’s problems.

I look forward to collaborating with you on solutions to current and future real-world problems.

Kind Regards,


Robert E Simpson

Associate Professor, Engineering Product Development Pillar

Co-Director of the MEng in Innovation by Design Programme