Ideate-Prototype-Realize (IPR) is an individual project that all MIbD students have to undergo as a graduation requirement, which is spread over 3 terms (1 year). Students can decide on the topic of the project, and work closely with their advisers throughout the entire year to develop their projects in 3 phases, ideate, prototype, and lastly realize. Students can also choose for their IPR topic to be the same as their thesis, which allows them more time and guidance towards the completion of their thesis.

Monthly get-together sessions are organized for MIbD students to come together and share on the topic and progress of the project, using only 1 powerpoint slide. Advisers of MIbD students do join in the get-together sessions to provide feedback on how the projects can be improved.

You may click on the individual thumbnails to view each poster.

2020 MIbD Student’s IPR Posters:

Ardy Samsir Kartolo

To create a set of guidelines for consultant-client interactions

Bryan Wong Liang Chern

3D Visualisation and segmentation of lower limbs for prosthetic socket design

Cheryl Low Rui Min

Designing for and Measuring Patient Compliance in patient adaptable heathcare products

Darrell Chan

Integrate Data-Driven Decision Support Systems with Mixed-Reality and IoT systems

Disha Rajeshkumar Jariwala

Supply Chain during Pandemic

Ethan Lim Swee Hao

Expressive Avatars for Social Anxiety and Disclosure

Muhammad Hilmi Abideen

Making WAAM Technology More Accessible

Tan Jing Jie

Adaptable User Interface; Elderly; Perceived Usefulness; Perceived Ease of Learning

Laura Fernandez

Reducing the environmental impact of parcel packaging waste

Tan Lu Han

Singapore special sidecar

Murali Krishnan

Understanding Rescue Operations

Nasiruddin Abdul Nasir

Mechanical Design of a rope climber for airframe application

Povendhan IPR Poster

Making learning Emotional Intelligence Fun and Impactful within Universities and Organizations

Tanvi R Thombre


Timothy Wong Zhi Heng

Improving the Flight-Efficiency of a Monocopter

Yeo Zhen Yong

A Pre-Screening Framework for Assessing Obsolete Parts for Additive Manufacturing

2019 MIbD Student’s IPR Posters:

Ahmad Nurhadi

Designing Disembodied Conversational Agent to Communicate Empathy to Lonely Senior Citizens

Ahmed Meeran


Amalina Zafirah Hashim

Reducing Fruit & Vegetable Wastage in Commercial Kitchens

Ashreya M Venkatesh

Measure and plan for Design Impact across disciplines and scale


Improving Retail Experience

Chong Yong Qi

Robotic, Aircraft Interior Cabin Cleaner

Chua Hong Zhi

Mass Customized Urban Residential High-Rise Strategy for Social Cohesion

Doreen Steven Mlote

Hukaya – Self Home designing platform

Edith Gracia Sharon Lawrence

Prediction of Turbulent Flow Behaviour Using Machine Intelligence

Estefania Yanez

Methodology to streamline the design process of digital products

G R Saravanan

Detection and examination of potentially malicious traffic

Goh Jun Rui

Virtual Reality Robotic Command & Control System

Gumawang Hiramandala

Soft robot inspired by hedgehog with intentions to aid in relaxation through the use of acupuncture

Hasanthi L. Senevirathna

Electrospun Nanocomposites for Room Temperature Carbon Dioxide Capture

Himaja Vechalapu

Human-Object Interaction with passive RFID Tag

Jubair Ahamed

Neck Pain – Prevention & Precaution

Luqman Marhim

Improving Kicking Techinques in Football

Narendernath Baskar

Framework For Selection Of Cleaning Robots Using Multiple Attribute Decision Making Approach

Ng Guan Zhi Benjamin

Chitosan Based Organic-Inorganic Composites

Ng Jian Yi Mervin

Freeform surfaces from controlled shrinkage in 3D printed planar structures

Pujani Abayatilake

A Novel Function Modelling Framework for Complex Software Design

Shen Tianruo

A General Molecular Design Rule to Cerate Long-Wavelength Dyes

Shravya Thandlam Sudhindra

Design Competency Assessment Framework (DesCA)

Siddarth U. Raghavan

Geo-Spatial Analysis of Singapore’s Household Energy Demands

Tan Jun Wei Brandon

Development of A Soft Inertial Measurement Unit for Use In Soft Robotics

Tan Wei Hua


William Siew Jing Wen

Harnessing Mobile-based Technologies for Caregiving of Persons with Dementia

Xiang Maoyang

AI-driven Energy Efficient Recyclable Bin

Zeng Xinyu, Gabrielle

Sense of Place and its interplay with Arts in its creation of values in the Community